When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

  • Why Is Flexible Ductwork Often Recommended For Residential AC Installs?

    If you're having a new central air conditioning or forced-air heating system installed in your home, then one of the most important (and expensive) steps is the installation of new ductwork. Ductwork is required to carry cool or warm air from your blower to the various rooms of the house. Although it is often overlooked, it is the portion of your install that can have the greatest impact on your system's overall efficiency as well as the greatest potential for large repair costs if it is handled incorrectly.

  • 3 Reasons To Finally Ditch Your R-22-Based Air Conditioner

    Still holding on to your current air conditioner? If yours was made prior to 2010, then chances are it still uses R-22, also known in the HVAC trade as Freon. This refrigerant is at the center of an ongoing worldwide effort to phase out of ozone-depleting agents. By the end of 2020, R-22 and other ozone-depleting refrigerants like it will be but a memory for consumers and HVAC technicians alike.

  • Water Hammer 101: Common FAQs

    You have the washing machine on in the laundry room, the dishwasher on in the kitchen, or maybe even the faucet turned on in the tub. When the water is shut off, there is a sudden loud knocking coming from somewhere in your water pipes. This bothersome problem is known as water hammer, and it can be incredibly annoying to contend with and hard on your pipes. To get familiar with this common plumbing issue, take a look at some of the most common questions about water hammer and the answers you may want to know.

  • 3 Kinds Of Heating Systems To Talk To A Heating Contractor About

    There are all kinds of ways to heat your house out there. If you aren't sure what kind you want to go with, you should talk to a heating contractor and they can help you make the decision as to what kind will work best for you. So, what are some of the choices you have? Forced Air Heating This is a pretty common kind of heating system. You have a furnace with a blower attached to it.

  • Possible Causes For The Bad Odor Coming From Your Furnace

    You probably work to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. It's frustrating when you detect a foul odor when your furnace kicks on or an odor that seems to come from the furnace itself. Since the air in your home is always circulating through your HVAC system, your furnace can pick up odors from your home, and the furnace can spread odors throughout your living space. Bad odors could come from the furnace or the ducts, and here are some possible causes.

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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

My name is Maura, and I am certified in HVAC installation and repair. I have many clients who call me in a panic because they have turned on their air conditioners and nothing has happened. Your air conditioning technician will get to you as soon as possible, but there are some steps you can take while you are waiting. You might just find that you are able to fix the problem on your own, although you will still want to have a professional assess the situation. In this blog I will take you through some common reasons your air conditioner might not be working and show you some easy temporary solutions.