When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

AC Ductwork Issues: 3 Common Problems That Need Immediate Repairs

by Clara Fernandez

When you think about your AC system, how often does your ductwork come to mind? Although often an afterthought, the ductwork to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is very fundamental to its purpose. Before installing the central unit, you should have a professional handle the ductwork. The design and its efficiency will determine how consistent and comfortable the temperatures inside the home will be. When you have problems with the ductwork, the temperatures in the home fluctuate beyond desired levels. Poor ductwork can also cost you a lot in heating bills every month. Here are common issues with the ductwork and recommended repairs. 

The Registers are Poorly Sealed

The registers are a crucial part of the ductwork with slatted openings on the floor, walls, or ceiling, and you can control them using an adjustable damper. The function of the register is to take heated or cooled air from the system back into the room. When they are in excellent condition, you get warm or cool air in the room, depending on the thermostat settings. However, when poorly sealed, a percentage of the air will escape the system, lowering the unit's efficiency. A technician can check the condition of the registers and rectify any issues leading to leakage. 

There is Dirt Inside the Ducts

Dirt seems like the tiniest complication you can have inside your AC ductwork. That said, dirt can become a complication for your system. If you fail to clean the insides of the ductwork regularly, you will end up breathing indoor air that is dirtier than the outdoor air. The dirt, germs, and other pollutants left inside the ducts recirculate through your home, causing irritations, allergies, and other respiratory complications. A repair technician will check and replace the filters to help maintain the cleanliness of the air inside your home. 

The Ductwork is Leaking

Leakage is a common ductwork issue in most homes. Age and gravity are the leading causes of the wear and tear that leads to leakages in the system. Once your ducts start losing warm or cool air to the surroundings, your heating bills will rise significantly. If you notice a hike in your energy bills, it is time to call a professional to assess your ductwork. They will seal all leakages to prevent heating and cooling loss, hence stabilizing your energy bills. 

If you are experiencing issues with your system and your room temperature keeps fluctuating, it is time to call an AC technician. They will inspect your ductwork and determine whether it is time to repair or replace it.

Contact an air conditioner repair service for more information.  


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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