When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Air Conditioning Services To Update Your AC Before Your Energy Bills Go Up

by Clara Fernandez

It is almost that time of year when your energy costs will start going up due to your air conditioning constantly running. Thus, some things need to be done to service your AC and keep these costs down. There are maintenance, repairs, and improvements that you may want to invest in before summer. The following air conditioning services will help you update your system before your energy bills start going up.

An AC Tune-Up

The AC should be fully serviced before you start using it. This is maintenance that includes various tasks, such as cleaning the condensing unit. The tune-up service will also include a complete inspection, changing filters, and calibrating the thermostat. The technician may need to come back to repair any serious issues, such as AC refrigerant leaks or replacing a bad capacitor.

Repairs Before Summer

There may also be repairs that need to be done to your air conditioning before summer. Some of the issues with the AC are due to it not being used during the winter months. AC services can inspect your system to determine if there are any minor repairs that need to be done to the system. You can also check the system for issues, such as damaged ductwork and visible damage to the condensing unit. These are the issues that you are going to want to have repaired before you start using your system.

Replacements and Upgrades

Another way you can improve your system is by having the AC unit replaced. There are options for more efficient AC systems, which can be heat pumps and other types of systems. Discuss the options for your home with an air conditioning service to determine if any of them are right for the needs of your home. There are also upgrades that you may want to do, such as replacing ductwork and installing more efficient equipment like blowers.

Updating Thermostats and Controls

The controls of your system can also be updated before you start using it. If you have an analog thermostat, it can be replaced with a programmable thermostat. If your AC has an older programmable thermostat, it may be time to upgrade it with a smart controller. The smart thermostats give you more options to control and program your HVAC system to reduce energy costs.

The air conditioning maintenance and improvements are essential to ensure your system is working efficiently. Contact an air conditioning service to help with these things to ensure your energy costs don't go up.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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