When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

6 Common Boiler Issues That Require Repair

by Clara Fernandez

The boiler is an appliance that you might not notice until it's not functioning properly. When that happens, you don't get the heat you need. You can avoid many boiler repairs with proper maintenance. However, below are some boiler issues that will require repair by a technician.

1. Leaking or Dripping

The boiler is designed to be a watertight appliance. It features a condensate pipe that runs outside into a drain, which is the only moisture that should come from inside your boiler. If you find water around the appliance or pipes, you have a leak. According to experts, the leakage can stem from a number of issues. A licensed tech should check your system.

2. Frozen Condensate Pipe

As noted, part of your system includes a water pipe that goes outdoors. When the weather is especially cold, the condensate pipe can freeze. Its function is necessary for proper boiler operation, though, so it needs thawing out. You can use hot water to thaw it. However, if it keeps freezing, talk to a boiler tech about how to insulate it.

3. Kettling Noises

Boiler operation should be relatively silent. However, you may hear banging, gurgling, or whistling sounds — the last is akin to a kettle on a stove. These sounds can indicate air in the system or low pressure. They can also indicate lime or sludge has built up inside your system, which restricts the flow of water. A tech can diagnose the issue.

4. No Heat or Water

The boiler's job is to heat water and either send the heated water or steam through the system to heat your home. If you don't have water in your system, you won't get heat. Your boiler's water level can get low. Conversely, the boiler could have a broken airlock or failed motorized valve. Any of those issues need professional attention.

5. Pilot Light Extinguishes

Proper boiler operation requires a pilot light to ignite the gas in the main burner. The burner is what heats the water, so an extinguished pilot light is an issue. If you don't have any hot water, check the pilot light. You can relight it yourself. However, if the issue keeps occurring, a tech should check if you have an issue with the thermocouple, which provides the gas supply.

6. Boiler Switches Off

Your boiler should be running all the time. If it switches off, any number of issues could have arisen. It will switch off because of thermostat problems, low water pressure, closed valves, a broken pump, or air in the system. A licensed tech will need to examine your system to determine the problem.

Call a boiler installation technician if you experience any of the above issues.


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