When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Get Ready For The Heat Waves With These Four AC Maintenance Tips

by Clara Fernandez

Even though you may not be using your AC now, soon the heat will be here. You will want to be prepared with maintenance and repairs to your AC and home. This can be things like cleaning the heat pump, changing the filter and having the compressor and coolant gas checked. If you want to be prepared to stay cool this summer, here are three tips that will ensure your AC is working efficiently when the heat waves start rolling in:

1. Preparing The Heat Pump For Summer

Many people prepare their heat pump, which is the outdoor unit of the AC, for the winter months by covering it and protecting it from the cold with insulation. When spring comes, it is time to remove the cover for the heat pump. You will also want to remove any winterization you may have added, such as insulation to protect pipes, but not the insulation that is part of the system.

2. Cleaning The Debris Around Your AC Unit

Cleaning debris around the outdoor AC unit is also important. If there are any leaves and dirt in the system, you can use a leaf blower to remove them. If the coils and parts of the system are dirty, you can turn the power off at the main and use a garden hose and soapy water to clean the outdoor unit. Before you turn the unit back on, you will want to allow it to dry. Usually, the main power switch will be located near the unit on the wall.

3. Preparing The Ducts And Changing The Filter

You will also want to change the filter of your AC, which is something that can prevent many problems. When you do this, you may want to look at the ducts to see if there is dust built up in them. At the filter housing, you can use a vacuum hose attachment to remove any dust in the ducts. You can also have a professional service clean all the ducts of your system. This will help to prevent some of the dusty smell that you get when you first turn your AC on for the season.

4. Having An HVAC Technician Service Your AC

You may also want to have an AC technician service your air conditioner and do some of the things you will not be able to do. They can check all the mechanical parts, coolant levels and the compressor to ensure that everything is working properly. If you unit needs coolant or small repairs done, they will be able to do these things for you before you start using your AC.

These are some tips that will help you stay cool, while your neighbors maybe sweating waiting for the repair technician. If you want a helping hand preparing your AC for the summer heat, contact a duct cleaning service, such as Clean Air Systems Inc, and have them to the seasonal maintenance to your air conditioning.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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