When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Schedule Maintenance Before Using Your Boiler Heating For The Season

by Clara Fernandez

Do you have boiler heating? When the weather starts to cool off in the fall, it is a good idea to schedule a maintenance appointment with a heating service company that works on boilers. During such a maintenance appointment, a service contractor can perform the following tasks to make sure your boiler is in good shape, is operating as it should, and does not suffer any breakdowns in the coming months.

Inspect it for leaks

Sometimes, a boiler will develop a tiny leak, but it will go unnoticed until it becomes large and damaging. A boiler maintenance professional can look over your boiler and the associated pipes, identify any leaks, and repair them before they become larger. 

Check the gauges

Boilers have a couple of different gauges. One reads the pressure inside the boiler. Another reads the temperature inside the boiler. The maintenance professional can make sure these sensors and gauges are all detecting and reading properly, which will allow you to better monitor how your boiler is performing during the heating season. If a gauge needs to be calibrated, the heating contractor can generally do that for you.

Check the vents

Boilers need to be vented to ensure the fumes from combustion don't make it into your home. These fumes contain dangerous gasses, like carbon monoxide. Your heating contractor will make sure the vents are clear, and that they are connected safely. They'll generally also check to make sure you have a working CO alarm near your boiler.

Remove scale buildup

If you have hard water, your boiler may develop some mineral scale over the years. This can interfere with its ability to heat and can lead to a decrease in efficiency. If your heating contractor notices scale buildup in the boiler or associated pipes, they can often remove it during a maintenance appointment.

Check the thermostat connections

Your boiler and thermostat need to coordinate with one another in order to ensure your home is heated to the proper temperature. Your heating service contractor will make sure the connections are secure. If needed, they can update the wiring or even install a new thermostat, neither of which are major repairs.

One maintenance appointment before the heating season can make all of the difference, especially when you have boiler heating. You want to avoid leaks and a loss of heat, and good maintenance really helps with that.

Talk to your HVAC contractor to learn more about heating services.


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