When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Do You Suspect That Your Humidifier Is Faulty? 3 Signs It Is Time To Repair It

by Clara Fernandez

Your humidifier is vital because it adds moisture to the air, preventing you from experiencing allergies, sinus headaches, bloody noses, cracked lips, dry skin or eye irritation. It also prevents your airways and throat from getting dry. However, like other equipment, your humidifier may fail if neglected or old. For instance, inadequate cleaning may cause your evaporator pad or water panel to clog, making your humidifier inefficient. Thus, it is wise to repair your humidifier immediately when you notice something strange. Below are three warning signs it is time to invest in humidifier repair. 

1. When Your Humidifier Begins to Emit a Foul Odor

If your humidifier is in good condition, it should not produce a bad odor when put on. Thus, something must be wrong if your humidifier becomes smelly. Mold or bacteria growth in your humidifier's base, water tank, or wick may cause this concern. A defective filter may also cause this issue. If ignored, the bad odor may cause discomfort or more complications. Hence, investing in timely humidifier repair is wise when you experience this issue.

2. When You See Water Puddles Near Your Humidifier

This is one of the obvious signs that it is time to fix your humidifier because it may be leaking. A blocked drain line may cause water to accumulate inside your humidifier, triggering this issue. Old internal components, holes in the drain line, or a clogged water evaporator may also cause this concern. If neglected, water may penetrate the humidifier's inner workings, causing severe damage or exposing you to danger. Therefore, when you see this sign, investing in humidifier repair is advisable to avoid more damage and eliminate the risks.  

3. When Your Humidifier Begins to Produce Loud Noises

If you own a humidifier, you should take quick measures when it becomes noisy because it may signify a severe problem. Inadequate lubrication on the fan motor bearings or a clogged drain system may cause this issue. Debris may also accumulate in your filters, causing this concern. If neglected, loud noises may ruin your home's comfort or reduce your humidifier's functionality. Hence, it is imperative to invest in humidifier repair when you experience this concern to eliminate the loud noises. 

Conducting timely repairs on your humidifier will enhance your peace of mind, save time and reduce your expenses. Therefore, you should not hesitate to contact a professional to inspect and fix any of the mentioned humidifier issues before they worsen.

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