When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

What Causes Airflow Problems In Your Furnace, And The Maintenance Your Furnace Could Need

by Clara Fernandez

Your furnace has several parts that may eventually malfunction and cause your furnace to stop heating well. Sometimes, parts break down due to age and wear. Other times, your furnace can malfunction because of an airflow problem. Good circulation is needed in your furnace or problems will develop. Here are some common airflow problems that a heating repair technician might need to fix.

A Duct Or Vent Is Blocked

Air needs to flow freely through the ducts and out the register vents. When vents are in the floor or along the bottom of the wall, they might get blocked if curtains or furniture is pushed against them. The heating repair technician might check the registers to make sure they're open and have no obstructions.

They may also check the ducts to make sure a flexible duct hasn't collapsed so airflow can't get through. If a duct has collapsed, the technician may need to prop it up so the duct stays open. A bad damper can also block airflow to a certain part of your house.

If the damper closes and is stuck in the closed position, no air can get through the duct. The repair technician might need to repair or replace the damper so warm air can circulate again.

Air Is Lost Through The Ducts

Even if your furnace is making plenty of hot air, your house won't get warm if the air is leaking out of the ducts in your attic. The heating repair technician can check the ducts to look for leaks.

The leaky area might be visible or they might need to use a smoke pen or do a pressure test to determine if a leak is present. Duct leaks can often be repaired, but if the damage is bad enough, the duct might need to be replaced.

Air Is Restricted By A Dirty Filter

The heating repair technician may check your filter right away since a dirty filter is a common cause of a furnace malfunction. Air that's been pulled into the furnace comes through the filter, so if the filter is clogged, airflow is reduced. This keeps your furnace from putting out enough warm air to heat your house.

This repair is easy since all the technician has to do is put in a new filter as long as other furnace parts weren't damaged by the struggling furnace.

The Blower Motor Burns Out

A consequence of a clogged filter is a burned-out blower motor. The motor might also burn out if the capacitor goes bad which gives the motor extra power. If the motor can't start up, no warm air is blown out of the furnace. The heating repair technician has to replace the motor before your furnace will work properly again.

For more information, contact a heating maintenance or repair service near you.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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