When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Things To Consider When Buying A New AC System For Your Home

by Clara Fernandez

Buying an air conditioning system can be daunting and overwhelming for any homeowner. If your existing AC system is old or outdated and needs to be replaced, here are a few crucial considerations for ensuring a successful selection process.

Your Home's Cooling Load

Air conditioners come in different sizes to match the cooling requirements of different spaces.

When sizing your air conditioning system, the square footage of your home should not be the only factor you consider. Several other factors, including your local climate, ceiling height, insulation, windows, and the direction your building faces, will impact space cooling load calculations. Choose an air conditioner with a rated capacity that matches your space cooling load range.

While bigger may seem better for your comfort, the extra capacity will waste energy and increase your utility costs.

Your AC's Installation And Maintenance Requirements

Each air conditioner type has unique installation and maintenance requirements that should be looked at before choosing it over other options. For example, a ducted AC system can only be added to homes with ductwork. 

If your home lacks air ducts, you may have to do major retrofitting to add them, and this can increase the cost of your AC replacement tremendously. If you do not have enough basement, attic, or garage space to run ductwork, a ducted unit might not be right for you.

Your Energy Efficiency Requirements

Air conditioners run on electricity and they can be one of the biggest energy consumers in many households. Not surprisingly, you might be looking for ways to make your air conditioning operations as energy-efficient as possible.

AC replacement offers you an opportunity to save energy and reduce your energy bill by upgrading to a higher-efficiency cooling system. As expected, this will cost you more upfront, but the associated environmental and long-term financial benefits justify the investment.

Integration With Your Home Design

Your new air conditioner will impact the appearance of your home's interior and exterior environments, so it's vital to choose a product that won't detract from the look and feel of the home. For instance, a concealed duct mini-split system can be an excellent choice if you want to enjoy zoned air conditioning and eliminate bulky ductwork.

Choosing the right product is crucial for ensuring the success of your air conditioning replacement. Contact a local company for maintenance services or for more information about air conditioning system replacement in your home.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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