When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Should You Choose A Floor-Mount Design For A Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

by Clara Fernandez

Floor-mounted air conditioners are similar in design and function to split systems. They have an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. The only difference with conventional mini-splits is the installation process. Floor-mounted mini-splits are installed near the floor and have vents on the top, bottom, or both sides of the unit. They are easy to install and practical in most homes. Below are some factors that make a floor-mounted mini-split ideal for residential cooling.

Accessibility for Elderly Users 

The indoor unit of a mini-split air conditioner requires regular maintenance to optimize performance. You need to clean the unit, change the air filter, and inspect the components. When installing an AC in an elderly loved one's home, you should consider the unit's accessibility. Mounting the mini-split on the wall makes it impossible for elderly users to access it safely for frequent maintenance. A floor-mounted AC is perfect for such a home. The location of the air conditioner makes it easy for the elderly or users with mobility issues to access it for proper maintenance.

Limited Space on Walls and Ceilings

Walls are always the first choice when picking an installation spot for mini-splits. However, this type of installation isn't always practical. If there is limited space on your walls, installing a mini-split can cause the space to appear cramped and unappealing. Below are some factors that make a wall installation impractical.

  • Glass walls and large ceilings that leave no space for a wall-mounted mini-split
  • Angled or sloped ceilings, leaving very little wall space for AC installation
  • Wall art, mirrors, plants, and other decor pieces can occupy most of the space on the walls

A floor-mounted mini-split is ideal for homes with limited wall space. You can place your unit anywhere on the wall near the floor. However, don't install it behind furniture, as it will constrict airflow and affect cooling.

Appearance and Visual Appeal

Wall-mounted air conditioners aren't always visually appealing. If your indoor air handler is big and bulky or doesn't go with the wall color, it will undermine the room's aesthetics. This is mainly a concern when installing the unit in the living areas. In this case, a floor-mounted mini-split is a better choice. You can strategically place a floor-mounted mini-split to conceal it and preserve the visual appeal of the space. For example, if you have an old or unused fireplace, use it for your AC installation. 

A floor-mounted mini-split is as effective as a wall-mounted one. Consider this installation if a wall unit isn't ideal for your home. Contact a contractor for AC installation services.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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