When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Benefits Homeowners Can Reap By Scheduling A Spring AC Maintenance Visit

by Clara Fernandez

Expensive winter heating bills can spur some homeowners to search for ways to trim their household budget. In this situation, some homeowners may consider opting out of routine pre-season maintenance for their air conditioning system, especially if there have been no recent repair issues. 

Before giving in to the temptation to cancel a spring air conditioning maintenance visit as a way to save money, homeowners should understand the financial benefits of maintaining their AC system. 

Avoiding expensive emergency repairs

Air conditioning equipment breakdowns are never convenient, and if it happens on a weekend or holiday, homeowners may face higher repair rates for after-hours service. Many emergency HVAC equipment failures are related to a lack of regular maintenance, including cleaning and checking for worn or malfunctioning parts. 

Providing more efficient operation

Producing cool air during the hot, humid summer months can certainly cause electricity bills to rise, but a clean, well-maintained system is more likely to be cost-effective to operate. Scheduling a pre-season cooling system maintenance visit will help ensure that common causes of inefficient cooling are discovered and resolved, including faulty thermostats, electrical system issues, and leaks in the coolant lines. 

Allowing more time for upgrades

Another excellent reason to schedule a maintenance visit for your cooling system each spring is so that it can be professionally assessed to see if an upgrade is needed. During the evaluation of the system, air conditioning technicians can perform efficiency tests so that homeowners can make an informed decision about when to consider system replacement. 

If it is decided that the system is nearing its lifespan or becoming unreliable or increasingly inefficient, plans for replacement can be scheduled early. This is especially important to do before the hectic cooling season begins. By scheduling any needed component upgrades during early spring, homeowners can take more time to shop for their new HVAC components, as well as allowing time to look for applicable rebate programs and discounts. 

Providing maintenance advice

Another reason to commit to an annual pre-season cooling system maintenance visit is to help homeowners learn more about their system and what they should do to keep it functioning efficiently between maintenance visits. Most reputable air conditioning service and maintenance technicians are happy to meet with homeowners and provide advice and information to help them enjoy the best possible efficiency and comfort from their home's air conditioning system. Contact an air conditioning maintenance service for more information. 


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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