When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Four Most Common Furnace Problems

by Clara Fernandez

All across America, people are starting to turn on their furnaces for the first time, only to discover that it's not working nearly as well as they remember from last winter. When that happens, there are usually a number of problems that are very common amongst furnaces, several of which are outlined below. If you see any of them, contact an HVAC company to schedule a furnace repair service, since taking care of it now before the temperatures really start to dip can make the difference between a bearable winter and really long one.

Unit Not Turning On

If your furnace refuses to start, don't panic. There are several possibilities as to why this is happening, many of which can be addressed by the homeowner before ever calling for a furnace repair technician. The most obvious one is to check the thermostat and make sure it's turned on, but if it's working fine, head over to the breaker box and make sure the furnace switch hasn't been flipped. If both of those are working, you'll need to check the pilot light (if you have a gas furnace) and make sure that the connection to the power supply is intact. Some of those can require a professional to look at, so make sure you contact an HVAC company if there's anything that you are uncomfortable doing.

Unit Not Heating Evenly

One of the other major issues that you may experience with your furnace is a heating system that's not heating up your home evenly. Rooms that are farther away from your furnace can be colder than the ones closer to it; because of the wear and tear on your unit, the hot air may not travel as far. It may also be an issue with your ductwork. If there's a hole in your ducts or if some of the connection points are disabled, hot air can leak out and significantly damage your home's heating abilities.

Clicking Sounds

Any kind of sound coming out of your furnace is a cause for alarm, but especially a continual clicking sound. What this means is that your furnace is trying to start but won't stay on, usually as a result of an energy issue. This absolutely requires a technician to look at, since the problem can be one of 100 different issues. Moreover, once they identify it, it can be a challenge to fix it.

Burning Smell

When you fire up your furnace for the first time, you should smell a little bit of smoke as the heating element burns off all the dirt that has settled over the last several months. If the smoke lingers or you see a fire, you need to evacuate the home immediately and call emergency services. After the fire is taken care of, call an HVAC technician. Usually, this can come about as a result of a small electrical fire, but it also could be a heating element that has burned up or is melting plastic nearby. Either way, don't take this lightly.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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