When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Forced Air Heating System?

by Clara Fernandez

When it comes to the different types of heating systems you can have in your home, there are multiple types to choose from. You could go with radiant heat systems that carry the heat through the house via a series of wires. You could opt for some form of steam-fed heat system, such as a steam boiler unit. Or, you could go with the most common choice: a forced air heating system. Forced air heating systems basically operate by generating heat that is then carried throughout the house in ducts to evenly distribute the warmth. Check out this short list of pros and cons of forced air heating systems. 

Pro: Forced air heat systems can have multiple fuel sources.  

If you have access to propane, natural gas, or just electricity, you can find a furnace and forced air system that will work for you. These systems can be powered by multiple fuel sources, which make them one of the more flexible options for keeping the home warm. 

Con: Forced air heat systems may not always be as efficient as other systems. 

Because forced air systems rely on a large fan and motor to carry the heat, you are not only going to be paying for the fuel to power the furnace; you will also be paying for power to the rest of the system to move the heat. In some cases, this is not as efficient as other heat sources, but modern systems do a pretty good job of being efficient with fuel use. 

Pro: Forced air heating systems can double as a cooling system. 

Forced air heat systems require a heat source, such a furnace that generates the initial heat, but the rest of the system that is designed to carry air can double as a system to carry cooled air just the same. If you have a different type of heat system, such as a steam boiler, you will need an entirely different setup if you want your home to also have air conditioning. The ducts and fans of a forced air system pull double duty and make a more logical implementation to some homeowners. 

Con: Forced air heat systems can be worse if you have allergies. 

Because forced air systems are constantly circulating air throughout the home, it means the air around you is constantly moving, and so are any allergens in that air. For people who have severe allergies, forced air systems can be a little more bothersome to contend with than say radiant systems because of this fact. 


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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