When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Tips You Can Use To Stop Thieves From Targeting Your HVAC Unit

by Clara Fernandez

In certain parts of the country, thieves are targeting heaters, air conditioning and HVAC units. They may take the entire unit or they may take certain elements, such as the copper wiring inside of the unit. They then thank the stolen parts to metal recyclers to receive money for the items that they stole. While you may think that there is not anything you can do to prevent theft in your backyard, this is untrue. Here are a few of the different ways you can stop thieves from targeting your HVAC unit. 

Try to Keep the Area Well Lit

Many thieves are targeting HVAC units at night, as the darkness helps to disguise them. Putting up flood lights or motion lights near your HVAC unit can help to deter would-be criminals. The lights do nothing to help them hide, which increase the likelihood they will be spotted. Seeing the lights alone may act as a deterrent for criminals who are looking to pilfer your HVAC unit at night. 

Etch Identifying Information Into the Metal

Do to the increase in metal theft, many counties and cities have passed ordinances that have made it harder to sell metal. This includes things like individuals only being allowed to sell so much scrap metal at one time and checks being mailed after the items are held for a brief period of time, instead of handing out cash instantly. Taking the time to etch your name and/or phone number into various pieces of metal on your HVAC unit can help to deter theft and/or can help you get the items back if they are stolen. If a recycler sees a name or phone number that doesn't match the name of the person selling the metal, a red flag will be raised and they should attempt to contact you. As such, thieves may avoid it if they see any such markings. 

Install an HVAC Cage

The last way you can prevent thieves from targeting your HVAC unit is to have an HVAC cage, also called HVAC burglar bars, installed around the unit. This should always be done by a professional HVAC maintenance service to ensure the cage properly fits over your unit, while still allowing enough air to flow through the unit. The cage features a locking mechanism that prevents anyone from accessing any parts of the HVAC unit without the proper key, helping to keep your unit safe. 

HVAC units are being targeted by thieves who are stealing metal parts and selling those parts to a metal recycler for cash. But fortunately, there are things you can do to help prevent this from happening to you. Keeping the area around your HVAC unit well lit, etching your name into the unit in different areas and having a professional HVAC maintenance service, such as Barnetts Heating & Air Conditioning, install an HVAC cage can all help prevent you from being a victim. 


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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