When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

4 Reasons To Encapsulate The Crawl Space Under A Rarely Used Vacation Home

by Clara Fernandez

Whether you prefer to relax in a remote mountain cabin or a sprawling seaside retreat, you likely want to spend as little of your free time as possible on repairing and maintaining the property. A few extra steps to prepare the structure for improvements like crawlspace encapsulation can prevent damage and reduce your maintenance tasks. Find out how encapsulating your crawlspace will protect your second property and help you enjoy your free time.

Improved Heating and Cooling

Adding insulation is the standard way to make a home easier to heat and cool, but it works best if you've blocked off the majority of air leaks first. Cracks in the floor between the crawlspace and the first floor supply most of the home's air that is forced in as you pressurize the space with central air. By blocking off this air supply, you're making it a lot easier to reach the desired temperature when you first arrive and switch on the air conditioner or furnace. Even small vacation homes where wood heating or space heaters are used instead benefit from the lack of a draft.

Healthier Air Quality

All that air leaking upward into your cabin or bungalow also carries along any undesired particles floating around in your crawlspace. In an unfinished dirt or concrete space, this usually includes plenty of dust, mold and mildew spores, and possibly even pest debris. Sealing the crawlspace creates a physical barrier to stop the transmission of these particles that lower the overall air quality. After encapsulation, you'll likely notice your vacation home smells a lot less musty when you open it up after a long time away.

Reduced Moisture and Rot

Open crawlspaces were once recommended in the hopes that airflow would evaporate the moisture that runs under a house. Unfortunately, this only happens in the very driest climates, leaving most vacation homes unpleasantly damp under the first floor. Encapsulation prevents moisture from reaching the wood underside of your house, drastically reducing repairs due to rot in the joists and subflooring.

Easier Repairs

Finally, eventual repairs to the underside of your vacation home are much easier after encapsulation because there's a smooth, clean surface to work over instead of rough concrete or wet dirt. Even if you plan to have a professional handle the repairs, you'll notice that it takes them less time to do the work since it's easy to get in and out.

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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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