When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Mini-Split AC Systems: A Great Choice For Homeowners Who Don't Need Heat, Too

by Clara Fernandez

Do you live in an area where you consistently need to cool your home but never need to heat it? Instead of having a standard, ducted AC system installed in your new home, consider having a mini-split AC system installed instead. Here's a closer look at what a mini-split AC system is, and why it's such a good choice in homes that need only cooling – no heating.

What is a mini-split system?

A mini-split air conditioning system is a type of system in which you have an outdoor condenser unit that cools the air, plus several air handling units that pump the cold air into your home. The air handling units are connected to the condenser by tubes that run along the outside of your building. The air handlers are mounted permanently in your interior walls.

Why is a mini-split system such a good choice in your case?

Mini-split systems offer several advantages over standard, duct-based AC systems:

There are no ducts to maintain

If you did need heating, it might make sense to install a duct-based system since the ducts could be used for both heating and AC. But since you don't need heating, it seems silly to maintain air ducts if you don't have to. Ducts accumulate dirt, mold and pet dander, so you'd need to have them cleaned periodically. With a mini-split AC system, there are no ducts so you don't have to worry about these maintenance tasks. The tubes that connect the air handlers and condenser are much smaller than ducts, so they don't accumulate dirt very quickly. If they do need to be cleaned, your AC contractor can complete this job quickly and easily from the outside of your home rather than having to use large, complex equipment to access ducts behind the walls.

Your rooms can be more spacious

If you were to choose a duct-based cooling system, you'd have to leave space for the ducts between the walls. With a mini-split system, your wall spaces can be much narrower, meaning your actual rooms can be more spacious.

You can control the temperatures of rooms separately.

Your cooling costs can add up quickly in a warm climate. To keep costs down, you may want to keep some rooms warmer than others. With a mini-split system, this is a viable option since each air handling unit has its own thermostat. You can easily keep the rooms you barely use at a higher temperature than your bedroom, for example. This is not usually an option with a central, ducted AC system since you'd have one thermostat to control the temperature throughout the home.

To learn more about mini-split AC systems, talk to a contractor, such as HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. 


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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