When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

How To Select A Type Of Heater

by Clara Fernandez

There are many reasons you might be interested in upgrading your heater. Maybe your electricity bills are feeling too high, maybe you don't need as much heat as your heater can generate, or maybe your heater is simply getting old and is too much of a hassle to deal with. In any event, there are a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to picking an upgrade. To help you come to a more informed decision, here are some factors that you should keep in mind:

How much of the house do you need to heat?

If you feel that you need to keep your entire home warm for lengthy periods, then a central unit or a heat pump might be more appealing. They can often affect the temperature of every single room through an extensive ventilation system,

If you instead think that you only want to heat a room or two at a time, then a space heater can be a lot more economical. They can heat a room faster, are portable, and will be cheaper since they won't waste energy heating empty rooms.

How much heat do you need?

If you live somewhere that's pretty cold and you want to generate a lot of heat for your home, then a central unit will give you an excellent heat-to-cost ratio. Space heaters will be a little less efficient, but heat pumps will be fairly expensive and inefficient.

On the other hand, if you live somewhere that is temperate and you only really want to raise the temperature by a couple of degrees, then a heat pump can be your most efficient option by far.

Do you need a heater that is out of the way?

You might also be worried about tripping over your heater or just having it get in the way. If that is your concern, then a space heater will often be the least appealing option. Space heaters can be quite sizable, which means that they will take up a fair bit of real estate in the room that they are in.

On the other hand, central heaters will be pretty much out of your way entirely, since they are often stationed in less-used rooms such as the garage and rely on an out-of-sight series of air ducts to get the heat where it needs to go. Most heat pumps are similarly convenient.

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