When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

Questions About Common Problems Your Washer And Dryer May Encounter

by Clara Fernandez

Your washer and dryer are important appliances that you likely use multiple times throughout the week. However, these devices are somewhat complicated, and this can lead to problems that can impact the performance of these devices. In particular, there are a couple of common issues that your washer and dryer may encounter, and learning the following questions and answers will help you address these problems when they arise. 

What Causes The Washing Machine To Smell Bad?

There may come a day when you open the washing machine and notice a strong pungent odor coming from it. Not surprisingly, this can cause our clothes to start smelling, and it stems from dirt accumulating along the sides of the washing machine. As a result, you will need to thoroughly clean the washing machine when you notice this smell developing. 

When cleaning the interior, you should use a gentle cleaning solution. In most cases, dish soap will be sufficient for this task because it will be able to remove the dirt from the sides of the washing machine. Once you have scrubbed the interior, you should run a cycle without any clothes in it but make sure to add a generous amount of bleach. This bleach will disinfect any bacteria that may be left after cleaning. 

Why Are Clothes Taking Longer To Get Dry?

Decreased performance is a problem that dryers will often encounter. When this problem develops, it can take far longer for your clothes to dry. In addition to being inconvenient, this can also substantially increase the energy costs of doing your laundry. However, this problem is often caused by a dirty air vent. 

Dryers have a vent that allows the moisture rich air inside the dryer to vent, which helps to speed up the drying process. When you notice it is taking longer to dry your clothes, you should use a straightened coat hanger to pull the lint out of the dryer vent. This will help restore airflow, which should improve performance. In instances where this does not correct the problem, the heating element may be starting to fail, and you will likely need to hire a professional to repair this problem. 

Maintaining your washing machine and dryer is an important task for every homeowner. After learning the importance of cleaning your washing machine's interior and clearing the dryer's vent of lint, you will be better prepared to ensure these issues do not disrupt your laundry routine any more than necessary. 

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