When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

4 Tips To Prevent Sewer Line Clogs

by Clara Fernandez

Have you ever had a sewer line clog? If so, then you likely know how expensive and time-consuming a repair can be. Depending on the cause of the clog, a plumber has to come out, use a camera to look down the pipe, and then try to clear the blockage with an auger. If the pipe is clogged by tree roots, you might even have to have the area trenched so the pipe can be repaired. Fortunately, you can avoid sewer line clogs in the future with some basic preventative maintenance. Here are three tips to help you prevent sewer line clogs in the future:

Clean your drains regularly. Often, clogs don't happen all at once. Rather, they build slowly due to dirt and grime accumulating over time. You can prevent this accumulation by regularly cleaning your drains. You can find natural enzyme cleaners at most hardware stores. You simply pour them down your drains, and, as they move through your pipes, they remove any built-up dirt or grime.

If you don't have any enzyme cleaner, you can also use hot water. Put a stopper in your sink drain and fill the sink to the top with hot water. Then pull the stopper out. The water should have enough pressure to move through your pipes quickly. The combination of heat and water pressure will clear much of the dirt.

Keep trees and bushes away from your pipes. One of the biggest causes of sewer line issues is expanding tree roots. The roots grow to a point where they come in contact with the sewer line. Eventually, the roots may even pierce the pipe and grow through it. That can lead to a very costly repair.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a very simple way to prevent this. Keep trees and bushes away from the sewer line. If you don't know where your line is, ask your sewer company to come out and mark it. Then relocate any trees and bushes that are too close. 

Have annual professional cleanings. While using hot water or an enzyme cleaner is helpful, those methods can't replace the power of a professional cleaning. Even after using an enzyme cleaner, there will likely still be some dirt and debris in your pipes. Have a plumber come out on a regular basis to give the pipes a more intense cleaning. They can use an auger and other tools to manually clear all debris.

For more information, contact a plumber in your area such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating. They can inspect your sewer lines and let you know whether a cleaning is needed.


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