When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

The Benefits Of A Sealed Crawlspace In Hot, Humid Climates

by Clara Fernandez

Many homes do not have basements, instead having a crawlspace. Even though a crawlspace is an unused area under a house, the need for maintaining it is extremely important, especially if you live in a hot, humid climate. Find out about the benefits of a sealed crawlspace for homes in humid areas.

Problems Commonly Start With Fiberglass Insulation

In hot, humid climates, the risk of moisture collecting under your home is greater. When too much moisture collects, condensation occurs. When condensation collects on surfaces like wood joists and concrete blocks, it also collects on fiberglass insulation as well. When fiberglass insulation gets wet, it falls apart. If you can look under your home into the crawlspace to see pieces of your insulation hanging down everywhere, you can bet it was because of moisture. This is even truer if you have your home protected against animals getting in. High moisture also promotes the growth of hazardous molds as well. Sealing the crawlspace under your home can help you save money on insulation replacement and other repairs.

Wet Insulation Rots Wood

If the insulation in your home's crawlspace is hanging down due to condensation, you might have a closer look at the floor joists. If moisture has been against the wood, the chances of it being rotten are great. Rotting floor joists can cause even bigger water damage issues if left alone. You may wonder where the moisture is coming from under your home. While ventilation is necessary under your home, moisture can come through open vents. By sealing your crawlspace, you can prevent condensation problems. A professional contractor can help you learn more about ventilating options for sealed crawlspaces.

Winter Still Comes To Many Hot Climates

During the winter, air flow coming through foundation vents can cause the pipes under your home to freeze. Even if you live in areas that have hot humid summers, the winters can be harsh. Repairing burst pipes can be expensive and extremely stressful as well. In a sealed crawlspace, plumbing is protected by warm air, a huge benefit when you consider the cost of replacing pipes. A sealed crawlspace can also help you experience energy savings during the winter due to less heat loss. Your needs for maintenance like vent- and duct cleaning will be easier to meet due to less dirt and debris from dirt floors in unsealed crawlspaces. Many sealed crawlspaces have a specially designed plastic covering over the dirt floor. If your home has a concrete pad, covering it when sealing the crawlspace is a good idea due to some concrete being porous material.

When your home is warm and comforting, it is a good feeling. Taking the steps to ensure your home's durability and comfort remain intact can help you save time and money as well. Your home's maintenance is the best way to protect your investment in it, so discussing how to seal your crawlspace with a professional contractor is important. Go to websites on the subject for more information.


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When Your Air Conditioner Won't Work

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